The online classes in such a situations is advantages:
1) maintaining social distance which is very necessary to stop the spread of virus; and
2) proper utilization of time in studies while sitting at home also and not wasting the entire day doing nothing – MIHIR JAIN (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

The online classes are very helpful. Through Live video classes it feels that we are in live classes – DIVYA SHARMA (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

Online classes is an amazing initiative during this covid – 19 outbreak since we have little to do all day at home and the schedule being followed up the entire day is erratic. These classes give me little life to start something new and learn instead of just spending it otherwise – TANSIHKA SHARMA (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

Very helpful and supportive in this scene of global crisis. Clearance of doubts in real time basis and on spot is helping much during the video being played. Great idea to use apps to teach all the students face-to-face in real time. Thank you so much Bhaiya Didi for the efforts – SHIVAM AGARWAL (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

As we need to stay safe as well as study, so online classes are the best option. We can make the best use of technology by listening to lectures and completing assignments as allotted – LISIKA JODGI (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

Being a Sarveshian is not an option it is a necessity, is again proven by the Sarveshians Classes . In this covid senario, the faculty is taking online classes which helps the students to stay connected to their Books and the online classes experience is as same as the live classes – ROHIT SHARMA (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

“Sarveshians Classes provides best facilities to its students and again its proved. Online classes are the best way to study hard and stay safe at home – UTKARSH LADHA (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT)

The online classes conducted are very helpful. Amid lockdown, though we cannot go to tuitions our time is not wasted but fully utilized and live classes have enabled us to interact easily with teachers even when at home. This has helped us utilize each and every second.Thanks didi and Bhaiya for so much effort – HARSHA SHYAMSUKHA (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

In this tough time when many offices, schools, colleges, and other academic institutions have closed for over a month, many people find it difficult to keep themselves engaged. For those who want to learn something new while staying at home, Sarveshians Classes offer best online live classes with personal interaction to make the most of your time spent at home due to coronavirus lockdown – ANIRUDH KUMAR HARLALKA (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

These online classes are very helpful because Didi aur Bhaiya aisparha rahe hai ke sab samajh bhi aa raha hai and positivity bhi aati hai. Iske bina padhaai nahi ho paayega iss time par because conditions itni kharab hain – RUPAM PAL (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

The online classes are helping us to study even during this lockdown period. It is a good experience and new way to study – BOBBY KUMAR BHAYANI (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

People sitting at home are feeling bored but here we the Sarveshians family aren’t just because of the amazing online classes given by our mentors. These classes have helped us in keeping in touch with the syllabus as well as kept us busy in learning having much of learning time over leisure – MEHUL AGARWAL (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

Despite the fact of this major outbreak the facility of sitting and home and learning via this facility has proven that nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. It has indeed been a platform to study in a unique yet meaningful way – SHRUTI JAIN (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

HEALTH IS WEALTH rightly preached by this esteemed institution has always preferred face to face classes instead of pen drive classes which would help us to clear our CA exams in our very first golden attempt. Amidst the pandemic of Coronavirus the tension of classes being missed is released because of extremely helpful online classes and guidance of Bhaiya & Didi which would definitely help us to clear CA Intermediate exams with flying colours – JAYESH AGARWAL (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

The online classes are very helpful as I am not missing my studies plus there is regular interaction amid the corovirus scare. During the classes there is live doubts sessions which is very helpful . It is helping me to keep a regular touch with my studies and constant revision is there – PRIYA BAGLA (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

Given the outbreak of covid-19 in India, live classes at the educational institutions aren’t possible. However, due to the online classes and efforts put in by the Sarveshians Classes Faculty, we’re able to put the entire day to use very wisely and simultaneously having the comfort of learning from home – NEETI TIBREWAL (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

Online Classes are just like the Live Classes. We can stay safe and use our time productively even when quarantined – TUSHAR GOYAL (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

Online classes have helped maintain consistency in our preparation for the CA course. Whatsapp reminders have also helped us achieve our targets – PIYUSH AGARWAL (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

Online classes are really helpful because it is helping us to study even in the lock down condition, removing the disturbance to our preparation due to lock down – PRAYANK AGARWAL (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

In the tough times, amidst corona virus outbreak, Sarveshians Classes expresses a strong belief through the current challenging circumstances. Online classes are an amazing source through which knowledge can reach to us in the current scenario when we are amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. Online learning is the best effort put, to slow down the spread of disease – PRATIK KUMAR PATWA (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

At Sarveshians Classes, we never miss out on any opportunity for our holistic development and growth. This fact is proven yet again as even in such a state of global turmoil, the educators here are continuing to conduct classes through e-platform networks. With the best of teaching methods and quality content, being a Sarveshian is not an option, it’s a necessity – VAIBHAV CHOUDHARY (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

Online classes bawaaal hai. The way we interacted and studied, lag raha tha ki sb saath me tuition me h. Mazaaa aa gaya – NIKHAR PANSARI (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

In present scenario, doing online classes is a good way of teaching. I had no difficulty in understanding what was being taught. It was just like live classes – MUSKAAN LOHIA (CA INTERMEDIATE STUDENT);

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